Tarsier Announces New Company Name: Walaris

September 29, 2022

ATLANTA – September 29, 2022 – Tarsier, the designer and developer of autonomous EO/IR-based drone detection, tracking, and identification systems for counter-UAS, perimeter surveillance, and critical infrastructure protection, announces Walaris as its new company name. The Walaris name better reflects the company’s core technical ethos and coincides with record revenue growth in 2022.

Walaris’ proprietary AirScout technology is a signal processing and sensor fusion software platform. AirScout uses hardened artificial intelligence to fuse and process real-time data from sensor arrays, automating critical decisions for operators and unlocking airspace awareness of rogue drones. 

“Walaris’ AirScout software is on the cutting edge of what’s possible with artificial intelligence and computer vision today. Our technology is consistently outperforming expectations, creating a new paradigm in airspace security and counter-UAS deployments,” said Kyle Meloney, CEO & Co-Founder of Walaris. “As Walaris, we look forward to continuing to support customers as they deliver advanced security and defense solutions for current and future projects and programs.”

Walaris serves customers across the defense, national security, government, and critical infrastructure protection markets worldwide. Its AirScout software is a key component in actively fielded solutions for counter-UAS, perimeter surveillance, and critical infrastructure protection. For additional details, please visit http://www.walaris.com.