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About Our Company

At home and abroad, we protect your airspace

We create the situational awareness required to defend your airspace against bad actors. AirScout is utilized to protect sensitive locations across the globe, including bases, borders, government facilities, critical infrastructure, sports stadiums, and more.

Proven Performance

AirScout’s proven performance in defense and security applications across diverse environments has made it the preferred optical vendor for system integrators and suppliers that prioritize reliability and autonomy.

Founded at Stanford University, we created Walaris for those tasked with safeguarding lives and facilities. We’re not a product. We’re not a program. We’re a partner.

Close Up

Our Mission Is To Elevate Human Awareness For Good.

We use machine autonomy to arm facilities and assets, and the people that manage them, with unparalleled airspace awareness. We develop AI-centric solutions through a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to unlock comprehensive airspace awareness.

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